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A bike box for a tandem

Airline restrictions

Airline Definition of bicycle Weight restriction Size restriction Fee OK for tandem
American Airlines 1 non-motorized touring or racing bike 70lbs 115in total linear dimensions USD 80 YES
Virgin Atlantic Bicycle None None None YES
British Airways Single seat, non-motorised bicycles 32kg 2.5m x 1.00m x 0.8m None NO
Air Canada Bicycle None None CAD 50 YES
United Airlines Non-motorized bicycle 50lbs 62in total linear dimensions None NO
Lufthansa Bicycle, tandem 30kg 2m maximum dimension EUR 80 YES
Delta Non-motorized touring or racing bicycles with single seats None None None NO
Continental Non-motorized bicycle with single seat or up to two non-motorized bicycles 70lbs 115in total linear dimensions USD 175 YES?!
Iceland Air Bicycle None 87in x 40in x 22in USD 70 YES
US Airways One non-motorized touring or racing bicycle with a single seat None None None NO

Other useful info on shipping bikes by air.