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The Cruftable

Cruftlabs was in need of a dining table, and to keep with the industrial feel of the place, what better to use as a table-top than the side-piece from an old four-foot cable spool that had been gathering dust behind the couch.

Our vision was to cover the top of the table with a thick layer of transparent resin, to provide a surface that retained the visual appearance of rough wooden boardss, yet was smooth enough to keep clean for use as a dining table. In order to fit with company branding, we needed a suitable logo and the obvious choice was the 'cruft' rubber stamp that had been bought for a previous party and had left its mark throught the space. We liked the jagged, incomplete print made by a stamp, particularly on a surface as rough as the spool.

First up, we fixed some cracks and holes in the spool, screwed it to an aluminum pedastool from an old bar table, and painted it orange. To scale up the stamp from four inches to four feet, we scanned a stamped print, vectorised it, enlarged it and used it to laser-cut the letters from a sheet of cardboard. We then used the cardboard letters to print 'cruft' onto the table in black paint. The final, and most difficult step, was applying the resin.